Monday, December 15, 2014

Gas per gallon...falling falling falling! Now we got to stop it!

       ...$1.89 for gas in Oklahoma!  

I never thought I’d see this kind of price again.
Now we are being bombarded with negative stuff about the low prices of gasoline!.  I guess them press folks for the Arabs are very busy on that.  Gotta keep those Saudi Princesses on the road to the shops in Monte Carlo and Cannes!
I guess everyone’s economy CAN go crazy if oil keeps plunging down down down.
So will someone stop it from falling please....before there’s real big trouble.
Did I really write that?  Wow
...Whistle Duck update.
Yep...two ducks..saw them about 1 AM on my late night walk.  Talked to them and got their attention...they seem to like that.  We’re friends.  Just now in broad daylight...saw them closeup...never realized how good they looked...their eyes are surrounded by black...on the beige body.  really pretty.
   I guess they were hiding somewhere for a couple of days when we were colder here in Florida.
They looked kind of “majestic” just sitting on the grass near the water.
“Hold the Beef!!!
Gas going down...but beef prices going up.  What’s McDonalds going to do? they are in a “pickle”!

click here to find out (maybe)

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