Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BUY AMERICAN! Whatever happened to that campaign?

The old adage “Buy American” isn’t heard much anymore.  That’s because we don’t make stuff much...China and other Asian nations replaced us long ago. So I was surprised and “heartened” to see this article about what WE DO still make.
Check it out...for your holiday buying:

....We used to drink a lot of sassafras tea when I was a kid.
My Dad and I would get in the car and drive along the road until we saw some good sassafras root stuff and we’d get out and chop it up and take it home.
My Mom had a special large pan she used just for that as it turned everything into a pale pink color.
I remember it was good stuff and now I see that it was really used in a medicinal way in the good ole days.  We also exported a lot to England.
“Drink your pink tea” was Mom’s never forgotten phrase.  I had a bunch when those bad bumble bees got me in the woods. I lived on red raspberries and pink tea!  And I got well. 
Just thought you’d like to know. Do they sell that anywhere?

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