Monday, December 1, 2014

lose an election, burn down your house, & go to work for NBC News!

...I’ve always lived by the adage that luck is weird...that you have some good luck and then “bang” something bad usually happens.  But I was never really serious about that.
      I had lost an election for Congress...burned down a house...losing precious and irreplaceably personal items and things looked bleak.
      Then... I got a call.
      NBC News....Chicago.
      And “bang...boom”...or whatever...a really marvelously huge..turn of good luck.
      Several weeks before the fire I had sent a resume to WMAQ-TV/Radio in Chicago.
      The newsroom boss was on the phone and wondering if I could come over for an interview.
      The job wasn’t much...a temporary slot as a writer-producer for both tv and radio.  If they liked could be permanent.
      I moved to the Windy (again) and went to work.
      My luck had indeed changed for the better and as you will a few short months...because of my Vietnam experience (two tours) I would be named an NBC News correspondent and on my way to Saigon...for really big bucks!
 “Stan Major...NBC News...Saigon”  would be heard about four or five times a days a week for the next six months....not just on one station...but on the whole NBC Radio Network coast to coast.  Some television too....but I was THE radio guy for NBC in Vietnam in 69-70.
      And a firm believer now in the good luck-bad luck cycle of life.

Here’s a show on Zeta(FM) as I guested with Neil Rogers in morning drive:



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