Saturday, December 27, 2014

University Hospital Emergency (part 2)


      “Have you been traveling anywhere sir...taken any trips?”

That’s the new question the nice lady asked me at the University Hospital Emergency Department where I was paying a short visit late last night.
I didn’t realize for a few minutes the purpose but then I realized it was the infamous “ebola”.  I wonder what she would do if I had said yes?  
Well not to worry...most of my trips are to Walmart’s and Dollar Tree stores....and Publix of course.
I was led to the inner sanctum and RN Alex came in to chastise me for not writing him up in my first blog. Well here you are Alex...83 nations now know what a great RN you are(my review) and they also should know you are very well informed on everything...but don’t let it go to your head.
Bo the nurse was there and impressed that I got her nickname correct.
No Dr. Ricardo or Dr. Michelle (yes if you write prescriptions and hang a stethoscope around your pretty neck you ARE a doctor!) and no Dr. Ali...but a young doctor from Philly(!) Dr.Tyler (in charge I guess )paid me a few visits and was cordial and efficient.
I tried to persuade Alex to go pre-med and become a doctor but he didn’t seem interested.
Paula came in with the questions list and was nice like the rest of the staff.
Well..Bo I still left not knowing the first name of that absolute knockout brunette I spotted on my previous visit(I may be old but I’m not dead!) 
So do what you can about that will you.  Long beautiful brown hair sitting at the last computer.  I pic of her on my blog would definitely be encouragement for you to have more “action”.  
Not that you guys need it.  You are ALL great!

cute Juliana

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