Monday, December 22, 2014

Google is scary #1


Science fiction flicks becoming reality?                                                   repost’s possible.  We’ll call it the “Google Project”?

Long before “War Games”...”Andromeda Strain” and others that you’re familiar with...there was 
“Colossus:The Forbin Project”.

This was the one where all our military might including the nukes were turned over to a magnificent colossal computer...locked forever in a western mountain by Dr. Forbin himself.

I only bring this up because Hollywood rumor has Ron Howard directing a remake...with the star power of Will Smith.

They have a problem though because the enemy...the not really around...although Putin is trying to bring it back.
So...maybe the bad dudes now would be the NSA, CIA and Google.
At a stretch they could include weird Iran and crazy North Korea.

Who knows where the plot will go and even IF the remake will happen.

 Don’t hold your breath on this...and if you can find the original “Forbin Project”...that’s worth viewing.
Mine’s on a VCR cassette.  Remember those things?
and...a real Christmas treat from the Neil Rogers and Stan Major Shows in Miami.....some of the BEST comedy bits we played.
click below:

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