Thursday, December 11, 2014

Drudge changed the news biz....and they hate him! What torture?????

Using politics to stop terrorists! Or being “nice” to Atta! He won’t do anything!
That’s what some in Washington would do....just mollycoddle the bad guys and hope for the best.   
Some of those Senators and others should be forced (excuse me) to watch the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” to see how the CIA and the Seals actually got Bin Leden.
  ...he’d still be ordering attacks if it was up to the likes of  Senator Diane Feinstein.
     You don’t walk up to these kind of killers and “read them their rights!”
....Media coverage of wars changed in each recent decade.
CNN’s live coverage from Baghdad in August 1990 made that network the leading factor in the Gulf War.
Then along came Matt Drudge.
Drudge would change forever the general approach to the media’s news coverage not only in war but in peace. 
The internet became the focal point of news...with the Drudge Report breaking stories before anyone else could.  The primary news leaders...CBS, NBC and ABC News plus CNN and the New York Times, Washington Post...and Time and Newsweek Magazine staffs would now need to confirm and respond to the Drudge phenomenon.
How embarrassing!
Bottom line...don’t be surprised if you see alot of negative opinions about Drudge and just consider the source.

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