Wednesday, December 10, 2014

to march or not to march......& goodbye Kate (& Wills) WE LOVE YOU!

....this is our friend Hal’s response to my saying I marched with Father Groppi in Milwaukee...back in the 60’s

       “I'll march with anyone whose cause is just and peaceful and with whom I share agreement. 
At the first sign of someone acting like a horse's rear end, they're on their own. 
Worked dozens of peaceful,  demonstrations here. 
The vast majority of them were conducted by sincere, committed, reasonable people who understood peaceful protest and they had their say. Many of them came year after year and actually earned our respect. Might not have marched with them, but they knew how to properly exercise their Constitutional rights.
      Maybe they ought to teach classes in how it's done.”

Maybe it’s just me but I’m still not seeing much in the way of Christmas decorations (yet).  Was it that bad a year?

  Lets say “goodbye” to Kate and Wills! I promise...this is the final “click” of the visit to New York City.  
But...if you like them as I do...the London Mirror has a phenomenal lineup of pics...mainly of Kate (of course)...she sells papers...he’s just gonna be King someday.
      Enjoy...CLICK BELOW

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