Thursday, December 4, 2014

One of life's MOST embarrassing moments...ALMOST!

       No long line at the big post office in Coral 
Springs, Fl. Surprised me.
I had a package of cassette airchecks for John Baker of the Neil
I breezed in and out in about ten minutes 
Also..I wonder if you’ve noticed....not much in the way of Christmas decorations yet. It’s still about 12 we’ll see.
Forgot to check the mail after my long, very long bus ride all over the place here.
So late last night...about 11pm I headed out to do that.
As I walked on the sidewalk near the water...guess what was just standing (or sitting) a few feet away.  That’s right...a big Whistle Duck.
I stopped..never had been this close...I could reach out and almost touch him (or her).  I very quietly talked to him mentioning his name...Whistle Duck.
       He still failed to I moved on with a “see ya later” goodbye.  When I returned with my mail...he was gone.
Here’s one I like to tell on myself!
I had a late night plane to catch at Chicago’s O'Hare airport but the flight was delayed and it was dead around there for O'Hare!
I decided to hit the little boys room since I had nothing else to do for a hour and I walked into one of the large restrooms and stopped and looked around.  Unusual, no urinals....just a whole bunch of doors and cubicles.
I was foggy or I should have known something was amiss.
I did my thing and washed my hands and exited and as I did a woman entered the restroom.  
Ah ha!  I looked closely and saw a small sign  that said WOMEN....easy to miss.  I got away from that place...embarrassed by the whole thing but thankful no women came it while I was in there! 

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