Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in heaven...or is this Beech Mountain?

Beech Mtn N.C.

...What can I say about North Carolina?
In the 90’s we had two favorite places to go up there. 
Beech Mountain for snow and skiing and the Hemlock Inn at Bryson City can almost walk into Smoky Mountain National Park...and for the kids...lightning bugs!  That’s right..the parent can just rock away on the rockers on the long front porch with a fabulous view of the mountains while the Florida kids catch lightning bugs for the first time.
Our first trip to Beech was great.  We rented a house for a few days over Christmas...had all the presents wrapped and ready...and fireplace going and food on the table and on our first morning...loads of beautiful snow all over the place.  
We couldn’t believe our luck as it apparently was the first big snowfall in Beech that year. The Florida kids got to play in real snow...and even had to shovel the sidewalk which was a first for them.
They wanted to ski of off we went to the Beech Resort.  I stayed inside the warm glass enclosed upper lounge and watched the kids falling down and having a great time learning how to ski.
Over the next five years or so we would go back to Beech...for the snow and the fun.  This was the good time for me...real family for the first time...a lovely wife Lauri who had everything under control.  A new little boy Chris having the time of his life.
Seemed like the only thing I had to do was pay for everything, of course, and make that big decison to follow North Carolina law and get chains for the tires...which I never did!
North Carolina to us was “heaven sent”.  We loved every minute of it!


Hand guns under the tree!  That’s right...guns were big this Christmas what with everything going on all over the place. Women were being giving guns for protection and men were getting them for safety of all.
here’s below:

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