Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday bits and etc!

...That “selecting a tree” note on  my last post reminded me that I should remind YOU that with all this extra electrical stuff...cords, plugs, etc  inside and outside your place.. it’s also time to be careful.
I urge you to read my vivid description of how screwed up I was when our house caught fire back in 68.
You want to be prepared...I wasn’t and lost all.
Read it by using the small search window near each post on this blog.  just put in “fire” and some posts will pop up.  
YOU (and family members)should be prepared.
Our cold snap here in South Florida(in the 60’s as I write) may have forced the whistle ducks to fly the Keys or even Cuba.  Haven’t seen them for a few days.  I don’t think they’d be on the way back home to the Carolinas or wherever...cold there also. Maybe they are just hiding from the elements.
Okay...I’ll bite.
Why do volleyball girls keep grabbing their heels????  You can answer at the email following this post.  Leave a first name and I’ll post your answer on this blog.

Time to roll these Asian beauties warm us all up. click and enjoy:

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