Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A woman has really made the Holiday better for many!

...Oh how I LOVE these kind of stories at this time of year!
Be thrilled...click below & read...it will make your day:

Wonder whatever happened to that guy who was giving away cash earlier this year? Did we ever i.d. him?

Also for your holiday “giving” there are at least two very expensive but special magazines available at your local newsstand.  Both are huge, thick pictorials.
JAMES DEAN...Life Magazine special for about $14.00... 
ELVIS...Newsweek special going for around $11.00.

The government (China) shut down the protestors in Hong Kong and cleaned up the mess they left.
Now maybe they will open up to my blog again and allow views from China.
As Aunt Alicia in “Monte Carlo” would say...
“here’s hoping!”


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