Monday, December 22, 2014

can they do that in Hollywood......tell blacks they are casting only "white cakes" today?

        omg...a Bad Boys III...a fate worse than death!
Martin and his buddy must need to pay alimony or more house payments.
so Michael Bay can come down to Miami again and do the crashes...the chases and have NO plot whatsoever.  Great movie making.
     I was an extra in BB think I should put in for BB 3?  I think not.
Speaking of movies...there was an interesting show done a few months back...a kind of documentary about the house where a bunch of kids destined to be stars or nothings were staying in Hollywood.  There were lots of “mothers” there as you can imagine.  
But I was surprised at one thing.  With all the push for diversity I heard the talent coach tell some black kids there that the next movie to be cast was all “white cake”!  I kid you not. I didn’t think they could do that anymore.
In our quest here to point out some of the better things to eat and drink I had forgotten my favorite from my high school days:
    Coconut Cream Pie.
And some years ago I saw it on the menu at Denny's so I ordered it up.  It was great...still the same as years before when I first had it.  So give yourself a time at Denny' sure to try a slice.  You won’t be sorry!

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