Thursday, December 18, 2014

4 Year old tike loses his trike...cop finds he a hero? read on

      ...Hal’s funny Christmas story:
     It was a day shift Christmas. No place to get anything to eat all day and having to go by fire department stations to bum coffee.
    About 8:30 am, I got a call on a theft report. 
    A four year old boy in one of the poorest parts of town had taken his Santa delivered tricycle outside to ride 
    He went inside to get a warmer coat and when he came back out his trike was gone.
     I got to the house within 3 minutes of getting the call. His parents told me they had spent their entire holiday budget on some new clothes for the youngster and the new tricycle. 
     Over his sobs, I got a description of the missing red tricycle and set out looking for it. My expectations were not high.
     But in less than ten minutes, I spotted something shiny and red behind some 
bushes on an empty lot. was the tricycle.
     I put it in the trunk of my police car and happily returned to the scene of the crime.
      I motioned them to come out to my parked car, walked to the rear of it and produced the no longer missing tricycle.
      The boy was screaming, "My trickle, my trickle !!!", over and over again.
      The mom and happy as their son kept thanking me over and over again.
     As I turned to leave, Mom asked her son, "What do you say to the nice policeman?"
   The boy paused for a few seconds, looked at his parents, then at me and with all his boyish charm, looked me square in the eye and 
"Muthafuckin' Pig !"
Mom almost fainted, Dad nearly had a heart attack and I drove away laughing my 
butt off.

    Just a typical Christmas from our friend...Hal.

great holiday song...
Perry Como...Christmas Dream.
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