Thursday, December 11, 2014

some police officers deserving of Equal time from the press....& cold(cont'd) down here!

....Oh boy...that guy in florida bitching about the cold!  Take a look at the lows down here in the Sunshine State and it’s been like this about two weeks...and it’s getting “ponderous” as Casey Casem would say. the be the longest cold streak since I moved here in about 87!  I know...I could be up north freezing my you know what off!  So stop complaining, Major!
About females (all ages) glued to their cell phones all the time.
they ARE missing real life.  Real life is not the boring crap they are hearing on their’s the guys (& girls) around them that can’t even get a “hello how are you in” because of the obsession with the cell.
The other day on the way to my mail a lovely blond (ugh) was checking her mail too...but talking on her cell.  I would liked to have said “hi” and perhaps carried on a congenial (despite the hair color) conversation which might lead to “friendship” but of course that really imprint stuff on the cell was taking precedence over any possible life altering experiences.  so...I just shook my head and turned away.  Shame.
Equal time for cops!  
It’s been dubbed “good cop, good cop”  or “good cops & gooder cops” up in Michigan.

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