Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One expert says we'll see $5.00 gas here again... plus a new ,never before heard, Stan Major Show, in studio guest Miami Vice's Eddie Olmos

       Gas...$1.67 in Kansas City!
So how low might it go?  we don’t know but check this write up below for more details.  One expert has already said we can expect $5.00 gas eventually...when it starts back up.  Weird.


I once got over a 9 share on my Miami radio program...which is pretty damn good.  That station now is lucky to reach a 1 share. That made me number one in my afternoon drive slot and an automatic buy for all advertisiers.
Here is a new recording...my guest in the studio the Lt. boss man of Miami Vice...Eddie Olmos.
 Neil Rogers calls in later in the hour for a long conversation.
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