Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vlad's doing it right & Meg's back!

...Way to go Vlad!

       Putin may be reading this blog.  He’s sending some help into Iraq  against the crazies trying to take over in the name of their religion.  And...he’s talking about a ceasefire in the Ukraine.  He’s my man now!
You don’t suppose we’d see a coalition of Russian, American and Iranian forces to stop that Iraq nonsense?  Wow...that would be impressive.
Here’s the link for the story:


Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together again?  Could be and with Ryan making her directorial debut!  How about that.
(still No Meg cop from our burb Margate...never contacted me)...but here’s the link for the Meg-Tom stuff...with some nice pics of Ryan:


Here’s another link for another Stan Major radio show with Neil Rogers as guest...enjoy!

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