Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clooney...already??? My diet did that shower gimmick!

...George Clooney getting divorced?  Wait a minute...didn’t he JUST have a huge wedding, including his daddy Nick (my AFN Army buddy).  
Man the tabs just can’t wait.  I wonder how many stories about Brad Pitt’s divorce have been published over the last few years and guess what. divorce
Need to lose some weight?
I never told you how I lost over ten pounds on a McDonalds diet.
That’s right...for a few months all I ate were french fries and I finished them off with a small vanilla shake.  That’s it...try it...might work for you.

Also while I’m giving tips and taking credit...that shower gimmick I told you about earlier this summer is still working.  At the end of a hot shower...(If you live in Florida or any hot climates) you’d like a shot of nice cold water before you step out.  turn the tap all the way to what you think is cold...but it really isn’t it’s just luke warm...but then...turn the tap back toward hot JUST A Little.
You should get nice cold water.  Worked all this summer and fall for me.

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