Sunday, January 4, 2015

STUPID NFL replays...and Sears store closings

The NFL tv director’s OBSESSIONS with too many replays.  It would be laughable if it wasn’t so aggravating.  A guy runs into the line...gets tackled and we have to see that three or four times from three or four angles?  Cut me a break.
I really love it when the TV director misses the start of the next LIVE play cause he’s trying to get all those stupid instant replays in to impress his bosses. 
One time a live touchdown was nearly missed because of this stupidity.
I love teams that go “no huddle” or “hurry up” because that drives the tv directors nuts as they can’t play with their wonderful and expensive replay “toys”.
Come on guys...just let us watch the live game in peace!

     ....But what if you need something in a
The drawback of relying on “online” shopping.
As I exited “Brands Mart” at our huge and I really mean big Sawgrass Mills mega mall (or whatever you want to call it)...I was wondering what the future holds for those of us who don’t like “online” shopping. Maybe we’d rather just walk into a store and pay cash...or get something we have to have immediately the end of a car ride.
I needed one of those HDMI cables for my new tv arriving quicker than expected and hit the jackpot with Brands Mart.  I got a cable for about $5.00 rather than paying an additional $9.00 shipping fee online  needing the more expensive “express” shipping to make sure I got it in time.  
Retail stores are closing right and left.  Sears, Penny's etc have accelerated those closings after showing a poor holiday return. 
Even Walmart is taking a second look at their big “superstores” (which I love) as the profits in them slide while the smaller Walmarts (neighborhood) are way up!
“Times they are a changing” and I’m not sure I’m happy or ready to change with em!
Here’s the sad Sears story:

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