Saturday, January 31, 2015

My predictions on the ads...Brunettes rule...on the game...Hawks fly high...Pats deflated!

             ....Blondes vs Brunettes in advertising.
    Such hype as I’ve never seen before about the Superbowl Commercials...the dog...and all that.
    Anyway...if you wish you can be an observer like me and note that gals with dark hair seem to have taken over! 
    That makes me very pleased and I will always pay attention to the like of Cindy Crawford and others of her hair ilk who are prevalent in the ads on tv now.  

    Just look closely at the beer and soda spots and you will see many lovely pointed headed girls and they almost always have dark hair....not even one blonde  in sight!
    What’s the old saying “blondes have more fun”.  They need to work harder on the ad teams casting couch!

    Big football games , I think, are usually crap. One team dominates and the other doesn’t even show up. Here’s my prediction for the weekend for what it’s worth(nothing).
    The Hawks will fly high..the Pats will play like their air’s been deflated.
    We’ll see.
    The only interesting thing for me is my new tv.  This will be my first ever viewing of a really big game on HD. That is if I select the HD channel and not the normal one.  Until I got the Comcast HD listings I was doing that.
    Oh and do you think  the tv dudes will show the cheerleaders legs in this one?  One would hope.    I say show em...despite the complaints of the wives watching their men folks go “wow” all the time.
    Whistle Duck update. I Didn’t see the beautiful beige ducks from the north for a few days.  It got cooler here in south the 50’s at night for the past week and they seem to have disappeared.
    I hoped they hadn’t decided to fly back up north because the weather there has been atrocious.
    Yesterday afternoon in my car I made a right turn toward the mailboxes and sitting just off the roadway (I wish they wouldn’t do that) were the two main Whistle Ducks...enjoying the bright sunshine as visitors here do.    They looked as elegant as ever.
    Now...they’ve disappeared again.  Oh well.

Gentlemen prefer burnettes!  Just click and see why:

    Enjoy the game!   

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