Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good Guests...& not so good!

Churchill, Harriman, Stalin
Guests I have had...and wish I hadn’t.

                    ....the good, the bad and the arrogant!

     I’ve done a lot of shows on a lot of networks and stations thru the years so I could compile quite a list but to save your patience...I’ll hit the highlights.

Two men and one woman come to mind who fit the term “arrogant”.

Topping that list would be Averell Harriman...former Governor of New York, Ambassador to Russia during the big war...and this and that in Washington for years.  The “Governor” as he told me he should be addressed (arrogant...right)...was on my Milwaukee talk program for a difficult hour.  It was unpleasant for both of us. 

     Later, I did have occasion to call his home in Georgetown about a breaking story..but he wasn’t there.  His wife Pamela..who was known as the party woman of Washington was a lot nicer than him and I enjoyed a short conversation with her. Before Harriman, she had been married to Randolph Churchill...Winston’s son.


Actress Joan Crawford...did a tough interview with me in Boston.  She was full of herself and basically not working in film anymore but traveling and promoting her husband’s business which as I remember was a soft drink company...a big one. (not Coke). I had studied film and dramatic art was my major in my short college stay and I was well aware of Ms. Crawford’s history and many films...and she was also!
    Robert Welch...founder of the John Birch Society was my guest in Milwaukee also.  Mr. Welch had started a fire burning on the far right across the country...and probably regretted lowering himself to talk to me.  Oh Well.

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