Friday, January 9, 2015

GPS was confused...refs bias for the hometeam....and move here...they'll PAY YOU to!

        GPS doesn't work well in this huge apartment complex were I live.
  A fire rescue unit at 2 am was sitting by the mailboxes stymied with their gps gizmos. Embarrassed they wouldn't t even talk to me about being lost while someone might have been dying.
Today...who of all people do you think was foundering around the pool/mail area...turning right then left then coming back.
none other than the Geek Squad from Best Buy.  Same ole thing...looking for the building number (nobody can find any of the buildings with or without GPS).  I said give me the Apartment number...he seemed somewhat taken back...searched his important papers and came up with 139.  I said the "1"s are all the way on the other side of the office...get over there you'll find it easy.  The Geek Squad with t heir expensive and fancy GPS was lost in my apartment complex! Conan...Jimmy or Saturday Night Live!

....Bias refs?   And all this time I thought they were dropping a lot of hankies just to get their face on tv!
Nope...they were rooting for the home team?
Shame on em!
Here’s the below:


Want to move...lock stock and barrel?  
These places will PAY YOU to move and stay for awhile.  I kid you on:

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