Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cuban cigars for everyone! (link works)

.......Cuban cigars for EVERYONE!

I wonder if Obama smokes cigars?
I want you all to know that there hasn’t been a “legal” Cuban cigar in the White House since Eisenhower!
...wait a minute...the Cubans we found buried near the ice in one of the freezers in the Blair House (White 
House guest cottage across the street on Penn. Ave) were not “legal” either...I guess.  Anyway we enjoyed them!’s the story about OUR new freedom(to buy)
Now maybe I’ll get off the “no fly” list for having the audacity to try to bring one Cuban cigar back into the the U.S. from the Bahamas.
click below:

Duck update. 
It must still be cold in the Carolinas...the beautiful “Whistle Ducks” are still hanging around in the warmth of south Florida.
There were three of them sitting by the water here late last night...just waiting for me to say “Hi Whistle Ducks” which I do when I see them.  
The only apparent politeness on their part was upon my return walk past them a few minutes later they were looking at me...and not the water! It’s like we’re “friends”.  I’ll miss em when they go back.
`                                      --------------------

Blog loves update.  Well...I must love these gals...I’ve been writing and thinking about them for over a year I guess: age girl with no email (or cell?) still missing.  
The Kate Middleton twin I saw in the parking lot at my Publix has not re-appeared.
and, of course, the Margate “Meg” looking cop has not surfaced...except at her work and I’m not going to go see her!

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