Saturday, January 3, 2015

Daddy....why are those tennis shoes up there hanging from the power line? Wag The Dog!

    ....So you’re stopped at a red light and look up at the power lines or whatever and see of all things...a  pair of sneakers hanging from one of the lines.
What’s this all about?
That’s a tribute to the movie “Wage The Dog.”  I won’t tell you and spoil it for you.  See it. It’s a fun flick!

I wish Drudge would stop bitching about the rich getting richer.  Isn’t that what America’s all about?
Stop it some history.  Does the name Rockefeller mean anything to you?

I was thinking back to the good ole days when I was running my little company and going on the air overnight all night long and doing national talk (an American first ) and I am truly amazed that of all the fairly large checks...always 4 or 5 digits...that I got NO CHECK EVER BOUNCED.  All were paid.  
And I gotta tell ya I had some scammers advertising and they weren’t ALL off Sonny Bloch!
...As we enter the New Year there is STILL no good news on the three lovely ladies I’m discovered for this blog.
Christie (college age has no email or cell phone) MUST have quit working where I found her...I ask some others there and they look at me weird...and don’t know who I’m talking about.
Meg the cop.  She’s really laying low.  I figure someone on the Margate, Fl P.D. would cheat and send me a pic of her but  So if you get stopped by a perky blond cop in Margate who o looks like Meg Ryan(in her better days) take a quick pic with your phone and email it to me...PLEASE.  I know her last name but won’t reveal it.

The Kate Middleton twin. Boy I am surprised at this one.  I figured she would stand out at Publix or in the parking lot easy...and I’d be able to tell her about my blog and maybe wrangle a photo out of her so you could see I wasn’t nuts.  Just like the two above...NADA.

You can follow these guys for the past year just by putting their first name in the search window on each post.

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