Sunday, January 25, 2015

Run Sarah Run!

 Run Sarah Run!

...I still want to see the big “cat fight” between Palin and Clinton.
    With the nation’s voters realizing there will (finally) be a woman President of these United States that surely should bring the female voters out by the droves.  
    Clinton will have the Obama years to Sarah should have a pretty good chance to clean house (White that is).

Here’s more...but keep in mind the liberal source after you click:

    What the hell is this?
    I used to take our Sawgrass Expressway (not on GPS thank you) but not for a year or so and I saw the new signs...toll by license plate only and immediately wondered what they do if you are out of state..and there’s a bunch of those in Florida...or if you don’t even have a plate.
    Questions...questions and more questions.
I don’t very much believe everything an automated computer tells I’ll just not drive up there anymore.  Wonder how much the collection fees are biting into the tollway’s profits? 
But...not my problem.

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