Saturday, January 24, 2015

A real Iranian Beauty

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...I love it when this kind of thing happens,

In my favorite Dollar Tree picking up some stuff and the very lovely middle eastern woman came out of one aisle and said something to one of the two very young girls with her.  I smiled and said “ok” which got a laugh from her.
...she hit the checkout just after me so I opened the door to let her and the two girls out and she thanked me.
then...I said...”are you Iranian?’
She said “what?"
“Are you from Iran?”
“Yes...I’m from Iran!” kind of surprised.
I responded, 
“just a good guess on my part.”
and we each went our merry way.
She could have passed for the Shah’s new wife...or daughter.
the two girls...probably under ten...were very well behaved...which is something in a dollar store where candy and other goodies is most plentiful!
My guess is some Iranian discipline there...maybe the threat to chop off their heads if they misbehave do you think?
sorry...that’s awful
Here’s a new one on me.
Guy in the big SUV pulled up at the stoplight...signs on the side:
“Evictions fast!”
okay...I guess it’s a way to make a living but...ugh!
Now...I’m waiting for the repo tow truck...
“Repos fast!”
or how about
“Abortions fast!”
sorry again...awaful taste today.
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