Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Courteney Cox was hot...& still is!


...I never paid much attention to Courteney Cox.  Until last night.
         They were showing an old “Friends” episode and I was shocked at her beauty.  She just knocked me out.
I never watched “Friends” or any of the other thirty minute sitcomes of that ilk.  She didn’t make a bunch of movies that I watched either...but I’m anxious to check her bio in IMBD and see what she’s been up to lately. So I put two pics of her up top...one earlier during Friends and one recent.  Not bad for Hollywood.
There are some leading ladies out there I take NO interest in.
I’ll name a few...you may be surprised:
     Jennifer Aniston-Boring
     Angelina Jolie-big lips (Sorry Brad)
     Cathrine Zeta Jones Douglas???whatever
     Sarah Jessica Parker-witchie looking
    Cameron Diaz-borderline beauty
I’ll stick with my favorites... Julia...Sandy(yummy)...& Meg (before the bad lips).
        and then of course...there's SELENA!

A little good news......
U.S. CARMAKERS’ SALES ON THE RISE GM, Chrysler, and Honda had their best November in years. 



“Online shoppers set a set a single-day spending record on Cyber Monday, despite deals being stretched out this holiday season. Online sales Monday jumped 17 percent from last year, totaling nearly $2.04 billion, research firm comScore Inc. said Tuesday. That represents the heaviest online spending day in history and the first to surpass $2 billion in sales, said the firm, which tracks online sales.” [AP]
.....This may not be good news for some retailers hoping this holiday season would rebound for them...Pennys...Sears...Target among them.
Pity...I Iike those stores and hope they would survivie the internet but it’s going to be a close call. The report now from Penny's is GOOD...however.
We’re talking alot of jobs here.

Speaking of jobs...we have a new neighborhood Walmart slated to open in the Florida city of Tamarac...late in January.  It’s within walking distance from me.
This is a great area to work and live so do a search on Walmart  jobs and put in your resume...especially if you’re a Vet!


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