Monday, January 12, 2015

really good looking BB players...and beware shipping scams!

Houston Street
Ian Kinsler
Giancarlo Stanton

        Ever notice how many really good looking baseball players there are?      
My friend, Neil Rogers, would be proud of me saying that....knowing how into females I am.  These are just a few for you...and NO I’m straight as hell!
Justin Upton
Jacoby Ellsbury


     ....Just chatted with my old friend, Jeff, of UPS.  
Jeff was a fan of the Neil Rogers/Stan Major Miami radio era.  He says UPS holiday business was huge...bigger than ever.  
That’s probably due to more online purchases.....and that bodes well for UPS...Fedx and even the good ole Post Office!
It does NOT bode well for in store action and that’s where the problems lie.  Amazon’s prone to put everyone out of business!
But be careful on the shipping.  I clicked on “express” shipping for a product and that cost me as much as the product...and to top that came SLOWER than it would have regular shipping or free shipping!
I returned it of course.  I’n not being scammed like that by anyone.  It wasn’t Amazon.

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