Saturday, January 24, 2015

Greedy Target bosses in Canada...Christy's gone.....I'm sad.

Five Toronto Target stores closing shop as retail chain abandons Canada
‘Coming soon’ sign taken down at Bridlewood Mall location in Scarborough


Worker....If you are a Target employee in Canada who just lost your job....we dare you to read what the big bosses got by closing on you.  
grab the anti-acid and click below:

....I’m sad.  We’ve lost track of “Christy” of a trio of young ladies I’ve been following (not literally) because this college age girl had no email...(but she did access this blog to read about herself) and maybe no cell phone.
I dropped in to the supermarket where I found her and spotted a manager and ask him “where is______”
(her real first name) and he said “not here anymore”.    so that’s, that. 
Unless she shows herself via e-mailing me I guess we’ll never actually know if she does have a cell phone or not.
My email:

....Even though you don’t live in L.A.(probably) checking these eateries is fun sport.  The best places for a power lunch in Holly-wierd-ville:

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