Monday, January 19, 2015

67,000 Views of this blog. 88 Nations.....836 posts. WOW!

67,000views!  88 NATIONS 836 posts!
Fanny Mae buttercreams
    ...A BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR...and our “thanks” to Publix Supermarkets for NOT raising the price on those big bottles(1.5) of great wine I’ve been telling you about all through the Holidays. Livingston Wines, including one of the best Chardonnay’s you’ll EVER taste, is still basically “cheap”...most under six dollars each.
Way to go Publix!  They could easily get two or even three dollars a bottle more....but they didn’t.  After all it ain’t been that good a year...right!
...sometime in my “Radio Merry Go Round” life...I was to do some fill-in days at the Washington D.C. suburban rock station.
This was long before I moved into talk/news.
There was a fellow named Alan Prell...who would later go on to superstar status as a talk personality primarily in Baltimore I think who was on the air and beginning another hour of his rock music show.
Prell was about to knock my sox stay tuned.
Alan used a short piece of music for his theme and kept his opening remarks simply,
” It’s Abba!”
And then he played Dancing Queen.  Nothing special yet folks.  however when that record ended...he said something to the effect that he liked it and he played it again. Then...this time when it ended he just restarted it!
This went on for a full hour.  “Dancing Queen” by Abba...back to back to back to back!
I gotta tell you I’ve heard of and taken part in “on the air” promotions but I was just astounded by what Prell did that day.
And it was a LONG time ago and it still thrills me to write about it.
So’s looking at you kid.  You impressed me for life!

...FANNY MAE...white buttercream with dark chocolate outside!   There it is, folks, my all time most favorite candy in the world...made right there in the Windy! (at least it used to be...maybe it’s made in Vietnam Reeboks...and everything else.

No..not Fanny ‘Farmer”  they can’t even come close to Fanny Mae.  Here’s their website...just order me a box...dark chocolate with white cream inside.

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