Saturday, January 31, 2015

who's "Banks" anyway?

volleyball players
 ...Well...what’s sexy to me.                                                            repost
I’m like the judge who couldn’t define pornography “but I know it when I see it.”
So as I list a few things that females which, to me, are “sexy” don’t ask why cause I don’t know.
Gals who drive pickup trucks. (don’t ask)
Females pumping their own gas.
Female police officers & security guards. Get that Margate Meg!
Most women doctors...and nurses.
Private school girls in school skirts.
Female volleyball players (no soccer...sorry Gabby at Arizona)
All cheerleaders 
Gals in cowboy hats.
Women/girls with great ponytails.

“Banks” when she performs. She’s great but kinda “scary”.
Selena Gomez ANYTIME (except on Kimmel’s Show)
Let me try to define this just a bit but I’ll probably just confuse you.
Kate Middleton is not “sexy”.  She is a raving beauty to be admired that way.
Selena is BOTH a beauty and sexy. 
Selena in the guise of her fantastic character “CORDILIA” from Monte Carlo was sexy but "mean sexy".  I’d LOVE to be “disciplined” by her.
Selena as Cordilia

Got that?  Probably not...cause now I’m confused.

(to be continued...maybe)

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