Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The "death" of your mall...& Oak Ridge history

...The “death” of a mall.

You should read this...carefully.  
It’s called “progress” but a little bit of each of us “dies” when we witness this kind of progress.’s SAD.


    We have a blog viewer who lives near Oak Ridge, Tennessee..and I’ve asked him how the place is since it was one of three primary “labs” in the development of the Atomic Bomb. 
He says....

 “Got here a little late for any first hand knowledge of stuff. Got a lot of 2nd 
hand info that time has more or less verified. 
 This is one hell of an odd ball place. Lot of education, damn little common on 
sense. If it took common sense to obey the law of gravity, the sky here would be 
full of Ph.Ds flying to and from work.
  Without any intentions, due to how housing/rent and general living expenses 
were charged and paid, all of the atomic bomb facilities in the Manhattan Project (Los Alamos, Hanford, WA, and Oak Ridge) became near-experiments in socialism. 
 For instance, for the one price you paid on a 
house rental you got your water, electricity, coal for your heat, your furniture, blinds, etc. (everything but your food, clothing, sheets & 
incidentals). If a light bulb burned out at 2am, there was a contractor here called MSI (Municipal Services, Inc.) that would come replace it for you.

  Still a lot of classified crap that people get faint if they hear you whisper about it.
My opinion’s not very popular, but you got it!”

thanks for the info!

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