Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kate & Wills are in the Islands...Pippa too! So close but so far away!

               ....Our friend Randy, (remember the Elle story!)
who is an expert on good cigars...sent me a half dozen of his... primarily Montecristo and Cohibas.  They enclosed the invoice so I perused the prices.
     The Montecristo seems normal...about $6.65 for each which in this day and age is not that bad. But I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the price of the Cohiba: 

                                                           $16.80 EACH !!! 
    I have a problem if the damn cigar costs a dollar...thinking that’s too expensive.
    So I sent him an e-mail saying I enjoyed my first Montecristo....
“but when I saw the price on the Cohiba...I didn’t know whether to smoke it or get it gold plated!”

Here’s his response:
    “That sounds like what my wife said when I bought a box of them.
       I told her, "Now listen, Emelda Marcos the Second. You by shoes, wear them once and then toss 'em to the back of the closet never to be worn again
while proclaiming them the wrong color or style. I smoke my cigars once, toss the ashes and remains into the hedges & flower beds around the porches. Keeps the Mosquitos down while I smoke them and helps the flowers grow in the spring.
    I get my money's worth. You don't.”
 Still lost the argument.

    Kate and Wills are in the Islands! And Pippa too!
quick...let’s invade!

Now for those of you who are (like me) avid fans of these guys...I dare you to click on the link below.  I dare.  You are in for a hell of a surprise!

Love ya Kate! Pippa too!

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