Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meg Ryan's lips...and head for "dazzeled!"


....Ok let’s talk about Meg Ryan’s lips! 
You can just go to her message board on IMDB and there’s plenty of stuff there about the butchered job some Hollywood doctor did on the poor girl.
I’m watching “You’ve Got Mail” with her and Tom Hanks...and I gotta tell ya Meg...your lips were fine!  I’d kiss them anywhere anytime....for hours on end....if allowed.
But not anymore.  Sad.  
I can understand a “nose” job...a “boost” for the breasts....even some eye work.....but the lips....just make the lipstick a bit heavier...don’t go with the knife and mess with your face.
So there...I’ve had my say.  Wonder if it can be “corrected”?  Doubt it...might make it worse.

    LISBON.......Never got there.  If Nick Clooney and I HAD gone to Spain for a week(see earlier post) you can bet Nick would’ve wanted to see Lisbon...looking for Bogart & Bergman probably. 
Since prices ARE dropping in Europe this might be good for you. Oh...before you DO “Casablanca” a couple of’ll give you the flavor of what Lisbon was all about in the big war.  Very important!
Click for a huge offering on this dazzling city:

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