Monday, January 19, 2015

The Packers lost....GOOD for them. Cheaper milk is here!.... &....Where's the best (and worst) government job?

So glad the Packers lost...the Cowboys should have been there with that great catch that the NFL stupidly said was not a catch! And remember I’m NOT a Cowboy’s fan.  I have to live with the Dolphins down here.
Now I see someone...probably the Colts... complaining that the Pats clobbered them  because the balls were “deflated?”  Well...if that’s true weren’t they “deflated” for both sides?  anyway...what does that mean? 
 I don’t care..the Colts played like crap.  Luck is overrated.

....Milk is overpriced (in my opinion) but now there’s a glut (can you say OPEC?) and the prices ARE dropping and the dairy farmer is bitching to high heaven. The farmers are even dumping milk right out of the tit! Read on:


...and here we have the Best & Worst places to work in government!  You may be surprised. Is NASA still in better believe it!
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