Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nick Clooney had good taste....but then so does George!

Nick Clooney's movie crush!

   ....Sometimes things come back from out of the past that I had forgotten.  Since this directly involves the Clooney’s...I thought you’d get a kick out of it.  I know George will.... if he ever wises up that I’ve written tons of stuff about his Dad on this blog.
    The big deal movie “Helen of Troy” came out while we were in Germany and Nick wanted to see we rounded up as many guys from our gang who wanted to go and we went to the military movie house near the big airport in Frankfurt.
    Nick came out of the theater crazy mad about Rossana Podesta who had the female lead as Helen.  Bardot was in it also...I liked her better.
Nick carried on for days about her and it was a real screen crush.  I know because I felt that way about Meg Ryan for a few years after French Kiss. (No...not “Sleepless” I said French Kiss.
    So if anyone who reads this knows Nick ask him about it.  He’ll get a kick out of it. could tell George...that would be nice.  Of course I can just pick up the phone and call him....right.  Sure. Sorry..don’t have the number handy.

    I love these “come on” new car ads...that try to trick you into thinking you CAN actually pay just $129 a month to drive a new (fill-in the name here) the get that low rate because you gotta give them a huge down payment of...let’s say $3,000!
Also.....I really love it when they say “no down payment” and then in small...very small print say: $2,999 due at signing.
    These guys never wise up.
Ok...time to bring you up to date on the trio of missing females on this blog.
First...Christy.  Still not back at the job where I found her...still no email of “hello”.  Maybe she did go into that convent.
    Meg the female cop lookie like.  Never heard from her and I still won’t chase her down...she’d love to arrest me.
Finally...the Kate Middleton look a like.  Never showed up at the Publlx supermarket where I saw and talked to her.
Yes...I am three for three a failure.

    Oh those two “late flying north” Whistle Ducks I saw here about two weeks ago apparently liked their brief stop over and then kept going back north where they belong this time of year.

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