Sunday, May 10, 2015

HOW ABOUT...Brian WILLIAMS NBC News New York & Katie COURIC...NBC News Washington


                       President NBC News

     .....Just came up with a smashing idea.
Keep Williams and hire Katie Couric and base her in Washington.
The most successful Nightly News was the long running Huntley-Brinkley Report.
     Do it again...with Williams and Couric.  That will knock the socks off CBS and ABC overnight! 
Your welcome!

    Hire him back...put him on the desk  Monday night...tell him to say he’s “sorry” and let NBC  news get back in the news business.

    Fire his ass and call Katie Couric and make her an offer she can’t refuse.
    Tell her the truth “nobody even knows what you’re doing or where your are.”

Tell her she’s anchoring the Nightly this coming Monday and let’s get this thing wrapped up!

As for MSNBC....good luck!  Watch out that left winger who thinks she runs the place...she may get you fired!  Be careful.

 (new note update)   
Oh should drop the MSNBC.... and make it NBC or NBC1.
CBS and ABC don't have a cable news network!  You DO so make use of that fact.

stan major
NBC News 1969-70

Saigon & Chicago

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