Monday, May 11, 2015


Diane Sawyer...Katie Couric & Brian Williams fighting cancer

    ....there was a movement in my bedroom in the middle of the night...I had a visitor.

    “ are you?”
    “David...David’s good of you to visit me again.”
    “Thank you”
    “I know why you’re here...the NBC News mess?”
    “Yep.  Boy...mess is not the proper word for it?"
    “You can say that again.”
    “What’s your solution David?”
    “You’re right.....the Williams-Couric report.  Couric in D.C.”
    “She’s stubborn....I don’t think she’ll do it, David.”
    “Nonsense...tell them them to buy her a nice home in Georgetown as a signing bonus.  That ought to do it.”
.....and with the shrewd bit of advice he slipped away into the night. is David Brinkley's take for anyone in NYC who’s interested.

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