Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Get a stick and kill it" won't work...get thousands of "sticks"! (Meaning troops)

                                      In Liberia, worst Ebola outbreak in history is over   

....When there’s an “outbreak” of some killer disease somewhere in the world...the World Health Organization members and others respond quickly and efficiently to put out the fires.
    Why cant the politicians and others who run their countries  respond the same way.
    Obama sits of his hands.  

No one except small specialist missions are sent into Yemen and elsewhere to battle a firestorm of deadly disease named Isis.
    Again...send in the Airborne!
This is like talking to a brick wall.

    This is our society now because of the passing months of racial unrest and police order or “disorder”.
On the magazine rack in my supermarket there are about 15...that’s fifteen gun magazines!  they now outrank cars...sports and Hollywood in sales or they wouldn’t be there
    What would Dr. King think?

    Now...finally..I have  wonderful “moment” ..the kind that comes along just once in awhile and I’m going to “embellish” it (Sorry Brain W.)  is he still not at work yet? his new boss is like the old ad...are you a man of decision?  “Well..yes and no!."

Get off the pot Lackman!
    Anyway...speaking of my supermarket venture...I was in the check out lane and there was a mother with her little girl...maybe around 5 or 6 (I can never tell) just paying their bill.  The little girl sneaked around to the gum stuff and grabbed a package and tossed it down with the last of Mom’s purchases...then  she sheepishly went back with Mom.
    “No Gum!” said the mother...not to the girl but to the check out lady. 
    .....the little girl did not pout...did not whine...but instead smiled and laughed at what she almost accomplished. The lady in front and me and I both started laughing and I said to the girl..well "you almost got away with it!"

Everybody within ear shot was laughing and having a good time as was the girl.
    It as a moment in life the kind which comes around rarely what with all the crap going on.
    I had to tell you the story!

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