Tuesday, May 5, 2015

FREE College overseas...France, Germany, England, Norway, Brazil etc check the list

....The cost of sending your kids to college is out of control in this country.
     Why not send them “out” of the U.S...to great universities that charge next to nothing?  
Read carefully...maybe save yourself and your kid a bundle!        
Here’s that story:


    From our friend Hal after his checking the airlines stories from a couple of days ago (you might remember he sat with the fabulous model Elle McPherson on a long flight from Australia to LA and didn't realize who she was!)

“ By the way, I really enjoyed the multi-themed post you did for today. 
The only really good airline collecting story I've got occurred after I complimented a Delta pilot after an outstanding landing during some really rotten weather.
He replied that he had been collecting good landings for over 23 years.”


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