Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Red Carpet crap.....                                                                      repost

Welcome, folks, to a new world of red carpet mediocrity.
    You see them on the covers of the photo mags while waiting to check out.
 The same faces are all over the entertainment shows early every evening. 
    Their faces and shape are becoming famous...but...why?
Have they every accomplished anything in their chosen fields?  What are their chosen fields anyway?  Do they have any talent?  
    Or is their real talent finding a camera and posing as the film whirls away...knowing that just that shot of them doing absolutely nothing will be in our living rooms shortly.
    Come on you know the names...maybe.  Kim...Jessica...Lindsay..
Paris....etc.  Did I miss any?  Probably.  I just don’t know them.
    But ask me about Julia, Meg and Sandy and I’ll talk all day!
    Who cares if Meg wrestled Russell in her trailer in Ecuador or the same thing for Julia and Danny in Mexico and Sandy well...bye -bye ugly tattoo guy.
 See...the thing about this trio of stars and I do mean real simply in addition to their proclivities mentioned...they have something these young poppies will never have.  
    In the old days of Hollywood they called it...IT. Like...boy has she got IT!
    This summed up their entire personna...which includes behavior on and off the screen...but above all talent!
    Two of the trio won Oscars...and the other, Meg, did fine with the Globes.  Can you see Lindsey or Paris doing that????
    So....brace yourself folks for mediocrity.  Cause that’s what the media is foisting on us by the truckloads.
    Now, don’t get me wrong.  There is a long list of really hot and talented female stars in Holllywood...but as long as the Lindsay's and Paris’ of the the world get all the air and print time...Reese, Natalie, Kristen, Keira, Amy and another couple dozen I could mention won’t stand a chance of breaking through the MEDIOCRE barrier we’ve got now.
    For me...I’ll continue to search Google news for tidbits on my trio...thank you.
and selena...of course!
Now for the finest new website invention. This is great but I want it to offer me a choice of who I can GET RID Rose!

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