Saturday, May 16, 2015

in South Florida..& in's the best emergency room around! & check Ron Paul click below

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     I  had a medical emergency...nothing bad...and dropped by the University Hospital near here.  This was well after midnight and I was impressed at the staffing there at the late hour.
University...for some reason, not known to me, has had a bad rap in the past with patients choosing hospitals in Coral Springs and Plantation Florida.
But this facility and the way they efficiently operated it even in the middle of the night...could not be beat by anyone. 
A Doctor...Ricardo (first names only here) from Cuba...held forth in the cockpit of this hospital 747 and he was in control.  Not some nurse or intern or even a receptionist not knowing diddly about doctoring!
And Nice guy Ryan administrated my blood test and did well...and I hate blood tests!  He’s from West Boca Raton, Fl...but don’t hold that against him.
Then...I EVEN got a cat scan at 1AM!  Wow...and the tech (sorry missed the name) was great.

A nurse whose name I didn’t get was chastising me for taking a couple of antibiotics for something I shouldn’t have...but in a nice way. She told me to stick to ibuprofen instead.
There was a pretty blondish nurse with a cute ponytail but I only got a couple of glances.
I did have to return the next night and the story was the same with different personal.
My doctor then was Hans...German but raised in Venezuela 
which is interesting.
And the blood test this time was rather extensive along with some other stuff you DON’T need to know about and another Venezuelan administrated all that.  His name was Ali and...I think he was a young doctor too. 
The magic they all performed has seemed to work well.
I will have no hesitation returning to University Hospital in the future.  Oh and they have a pretty extensive cardiac department...but my heart wasn’t the problem!
Thanks to you all there.

     Ron Paul will go down in the history of our time as a pivotal figure.  He has been asked many times by people to participate in a major documentary about his battles with the welfare-warfare state, central banking, and the lapdog press.  He has never agreed… until now.

     With his support I launched EMPIRE OF LIES:  The Ron Paul Documentary project this week.  This video with Ron describes much of the project:

NY Times Bestselling Author, The Dollar Meltdown
Daily National Radio Commentary Ron Paul's America
Ron Paul and Charles Goyette: The Weekly Podcast

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