Tuesday, May 19, 2015

& Bill for VP...not afraid to kick or lick ass...She's a winner.....PRESIDENT Hillary Rodham Clinton

    ....Poor Matt Drudge.
Hillary Rodham Clinton WILL be the next President of these United States and there’s NOTHING to stop her.

The majority want her in the White House and all this stink of scandal simply gives people like Drudge and Fox news etc etc etc(you know who they are) something to write about which only re-insures her election.

    As far as Bill Clinton is concerned...she should select him as HER running mate.(first check the legality) 
    So when they win (and they would) Bill gets to move into the big old Vice Presidential mansion out in the Northeast of DC and that takes care of the “lodging question”.  Bill can have his twinks and twats drop in when ever he wants so everyone will be happy.

    So Drudge...fight something else with a bit more meaning and possible action like Isis turning the middle east into the dark ages with his plans to decimate on behalf of his beliefs.  You might be somewhat concerned that his death list will continue to grow...and probable exceed Hitler,
Khmer Rouge (Cambodia) and all the other lists of death in this world due to someone’s belief that anyone not of his ilk should have their head chopped off.
    Maybe President Hillary Clinton will have more guts than Obama and mobilize all the American forces to stop the new medieval dark ages from happening.
Make the world safe for FREE THOUGHT AND CHOICE!

Here's the real thing...for COKE



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