Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Crazy bridges I hate!

Crazy bridge in Japan!
....Ok...here’s the challenge.

    See the pic of the bridge above?
    What would YOU do if you just came upon that with no prior knowledge?

    I can tell you what I’d do...turn around and get the hell away from it!  Call me a “chicken” or what ever...but I’m not driving that damn thing.
    I have a bad enough feeling driving that bridge over in Tampa Bay...the rebuilt one where the boat hit the original base and a bus full of people fell to their death in the water below when the bridge base collapse. That was at night too...ugh!
    Here’s the new one they built and I don’t even like it.  but compared to the one in Japan...it’s a snap.

Old bridge where bus went over into water and 30 died
story of that accident


    Well...I don't like helicopters or small planes either after Vietnam thank you.
    Just call me “Mr. Chicken”.

Now...if weird bridges are your thing...click below.  lot's of em for you!



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