Friday, May 22, 2015

NOW ADDING SYRIA.....The move on Iraq....send the troops!

Okay Obama...this is what WOLF would recommend...but he's not there cause you fired him.  So let me take the blame!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Not a real release)

    Washington D.C. Friday May 22, 2015

    Units of the United States Military Command are being deployed to friendly countries in Europe and elsewhere for  exercises and other duties connected with the safety and safe keeping of the citizens of those friendly nations.
    Invitations have been accepted to station U.S. and OTHER friendly nation’s cooperative units in the following country immediately:

                                     now adding  SYRIA
    other countries WILL be added.


Instead of all these fine Soldiers, Sailors and Marines
sitting around in their ships and about putting them to use in saving the world from crackpots!   

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