Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Obama COULD go down as the greatest President since FDR and Lincoln! just read on

Isis headlines today

Watch out ISIS.

    ....Obama is coming with his troops and his Presidential legacy.....

Word I have received is that there is a change coming.

Instead of sending in special operation missions in groups of 30 or so American  military...President Obama MAY have changed his mind.  (You don’t suppose he’s read my posts lately about “sending them all!”

So maybe here comes Obama’s great decision leading to his Presidential legacy for all time:

     To be the greatest President Since Abe Lincoln or FDR.
    (did I really write that?)

Word I’ve received is that some special mission officers have been summoned to travel to major military units to train regular troops...and if that is so...bye bye ISIS....and his crazies.

As the training ends the movement will begin.

Obama will be forever remembered for making beleaguered Europe safe from head choppers and idiots who would kill you for loving Jesus

Europe...FREE for thinking and believing in anything that suits you...all by the same guy who DID give the ultimate “kill” order on bin Laden. (finally...right Maya?)

President Barack Obama...


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