Sunday, May 3, 2015

REMEMBER HITLER? Nobody took him serious. It's a WAR dummy. Send the troops in.


My Middle East WAR...or how to kick ISIS’ ass back into “his paradise” forever.

       you will note I am not commemorating for the North Viets the fall of Saigon.

    they gave us 58 thousand American dead
       we gave them a Reebok factory.

    Even now...we can’t fight and win at war.

    Isis goes where he pleases...chops off heads in plane sight...and what do we do. the top brains at the CIA who put it together to get Bin Laden!  Smart huh. That’s Obama.   

    I recall there was some looney-bin in Europe in the 30's that nobody took seriously. Guy named Hitler.’s how we ought to handle Isis and his sick band of misfits.

Take the 82nd Airborne......and the 101st with em and land them all over the Middle East.

Also....move the Big Red One onto the same territory and go to work.
If you need more units...send em in.  Add the 10th Mountain Unit....Rangers...Special Forces....Marine Corp Recon and of course...the famous Navy Seals who got  Bin Laden.

Clean up this mess...and then just get the hell out...but warn anyone that “we can return” at will.

the Stan Major  solution to idiot Isis!

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