Thursday, May 14, 2015

RANK THE WOMEN OF MAD MEN!..... & Is this a runway or a thrill ride?


....MY Sister and her Husband (both gone now) used to be avid flyers.  He worked for BOAC and she worked at 30 Rock NYC in the travel department for RCA.
    They flew everywhere...until....boarding a plane for the return trip from Barbados to NYC one time.
    The runway at the Barbados airport goes right into the if the pilot misses a beat he can have a very wet plane!
    That IS what happened on this occasion.
    The pilot did not get enough airspeed to make it off terra firma and suddenly slammed on the brakes right at the water’s edge.
    He came on the intercom to say to the passengers “well we didn’t make it that time...I’ll have to go back and try it again!”
    This whole thing did not sit well with my sister Sallee and her husband Steve.
    They did make it back to New York....but they were so shaken by the incident they basically quit flying for the balance of their life.  Kissing all free tickets bye bye(they flew free everywhere) ...they stayed domestic like flying NYC to Chicago to come visit us at the Stone House farm.
    They didn’t even want to talk about the incident and I didn’t push it.
    I have done a bunch of flying but I’ve never had any kind of thing happen on a plane.
    But landing at Hong Kong airport is pretty exciting and you come in tree top level before touchdown and seeing nothing but water and houses out your window!

    ....And the winner is?
    Here are most of the women  of “Mad Men” and you can rank em.  They left out the sexy wife of Pete’s insurance salesman buddy...(thanks Google) BETH DAWES  the one that got “shock treatment” when she screwed around.  She was  hot,  hot, hot!  Also Roger’s stewy girlfriend didn’t make the list. 

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