Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A former CIA director says ISIS IS a threat on the homeland...but send the troops the OTHER way Obama!

     ...US WILL DEPLOY FORCES....but guess where.
It isn’t Yemen...or Syria...or any of the “sand box” countries threatened with extinction by’s:

                 THE SOUTH CHINA SEA!!!!!

    Way to go Obama...flix your unused muscles where they don’t belong and let the nuts continue to cause havoc and chop off heads in Europe while you look the other way.


    If the WOLF was still at the CIA he wouldn’t let you get way with this stupid move.  That’s probably part of the reason you fired him and Maya(bin Laden killer)...and others.

    Like I said in an earlier’s like screaming at a brick wall!

As a reminder of WHERE the deployed forces SHOULD go...let me repost my earlier “sample” orders:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      (Not a real release but should be)
    Washington D.C. Friday May 8, 2015
    Units of the United States Military Command are being deployed to friendly countries in Europe and elsewhere for  exercises and other duties connected with the safety and safe keeping of the citizens of those friendly nations.     Invitations have been accepted to station U.S. and OTHER friendly nation’s cooperative units in the following countries immediately:    

Iraq...Syria...Yemen...Oman...Saudi Arabia...Egypt ...United Arab Emirates  and Jordan.    Other countries may be added.

Instead of all these fine Soldiers, Sailors and Marines sitting around in their ships and about putting them to use in saving the world from crackpots!


    “Any NATO country should consider itself at risk. That includes the UK and USA.
    South and Central American countries aren't guaranteed safe. Probably the safest places would be Russia, China and their satellite countries.
Russia and China understand all out war from the days of World War 2. They really don't give a rat's ass how there rest of the world views them if a battle occurs.
There have been a few times that I wish this country would just, through its government say, "Okay, you started it. Don't complain about how we end it.”
Thanks Hal!

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