Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Isis blowing smoke.......did they dupe Drudge? and something good from my Phoenix friend CHARLES GOYETTE!

the Good Guys!

         right...so what happened...did you call the whole thing off because of the weather?  or are you idiots just faking it?
 yesterday's threat?

ISIS Threatens 'Message To America' Attack Today at 2PM ET...


Tweets feature images of explosives, threats to target govt buildings...


     Ron Paul will go down in the history of our time as a pivotal figure.  He has been asked many times by people to participate in a major documentary about his battles with the welfare-warfare state, central banking, and the lapdog press.  He has never agreed… until now.

     With his support I launched EMPIRE OF LIES:  The Ron Paul Documentary project this week.  This video with Ron describes much of the project:

NY Times Bestselling Author, The Dollar Meltdown
Daily National Radio Commentary Ron Paul's America

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