Saturday, May 30, 2015

Guns but NO bullets! and....THAT FINISH LINE AD.....If you haven't seen so now!.

Old Beverly Hills P.O.
     ...A gun...but no bullets!

Twice in my life in the line of work I was handed a gun to
guard something...but given NO ammo!

....the first was that News Years eve in the Army in Germany when I had to guard Hitler’s airport.
    We were all standing up drunk and the Sergeant was NOT gonna give us a clip for our M-1’s.


    The second was more interesting and quite controversial.
    While working for the Postal Service (US) in Beverly Hills, Ca I was told to make the “airport run”. I would be giving the day’s “certified” mail ...usually in a large pouch...and a hand gun but NO bullets.
    The mail was to be guarded because businesses cent cash able checks and money orders and even plain cash this way.
    So...on the trip to and from LAX and Beverly Hills I had plenty of time to think about the consequences of this.  They told me to leave the gun on the passenger seat so it would be visible.
    Something like that could result in my death of course so I wondered about it.
    I thought maybe I’ll just hide the gun..that way they won’t be tempted to blow me away. And the boss will never know I did it. (unless they killed me and he found the gun in the glove compartment! late to fire me, right!

Fun and games with un-loaded weapons!


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